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Tianjin binhai new area di energy-saving technology development co., LTD

Enterprise brief introduction

In today's global economy high speed development, global energy crisis and the destruction of the natural environment, forcing all countries to develop low carbon economy, to reduce energy consumption in guarantee the priority of the long-term economic development. In this environment, organized by teda prosper refrigeration electrical and mechanical co., LTD., wholly owned, enjoys the independent legal person status of tianjin binhai new area di tong energy-saving technology development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the di tong energy-saving) was established in July 2011 in tianjin binhai new area. Because of the development zone in refrigeration machinery co., LTD. Has good operating more than 15 years, the company has many aspects, such as management, financial conditions have a certain strength and experience, so it will be able to guarantee di energy-saving ?





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The company's headquarters
Address: teda huanghai road 98 Ⅱ area C door 1 6 layers
Zip code: 300457
Telephone: 022-25329392/25323372
Fax: 022-25321837

Marketing center
Address: tianjin hexi district of tianjin bay 719 C
Zip code: 300210
Telephone: 022-88269938/88269802
Fax: 022-88269883

Tianjin rare offices
Address: tianjin wu qing jun mansion, room 1001, block A
Zip code: 301700
Telephone: 022-59626552

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